Right now, you are someplace in the world reading this through a screen. At your fingertips, you have the ability to access more data in one minute than a previous generation could access in a month, year, or maybe even a lifetime. The internet is a rich place where we can learn, laugh, and be entertained through thousands of outlets world wide.

      With an increasing global demand for entertainment, media is now being created everywhere, ranging from big budget studios, to somebody's living room. The arts community is now richer than it has ever been, with millions lending their own voice to the art form, and constantly redefining what it means to be a creator.

      For just over a century, Los Angeles has played host to some of the greatest visionaries and innovators the world has ever seen. It is within the confines of Hollywood, that writing music for film was perfected, and eventually expanded into television, video games and even theme parks.

      It is that legacy that The L.A. Sound strives to preserve and share, focusing on music of the present, past and future, created by brilliant minds from all over the globe that inspire billions, every second of every day.